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Aaron Overseas is Indian manufacturer and supplier of superior quality dunnage bags or dunnage air bags, built to resist puncture or moisture and maintain their strength during an entire trip. Our Dunnage bags or dunnage air bags are specifically designed to secure and stabilize your cargo in containers, closed rail cars, trucks and ships, that prevent both lateral and longitudinal movement and stabilize the cargo effectively compared to wood blocking and bracing.

Our dunnage air bags can be used in all modes of transportation; road, railway, ocean or air. Various types of dunnage bags or Dunnage air bags can be used to stabilize cargo depending on the type of load, transport, void size, height of the cargo and specific shipping requirements. We will advise you on the most effective dunnage bag that will fulfil your or your client’s requirement.

Dunnage bags or dunnage air bags are generally built of two kind of materials i.e. Kraft paper and Polypropylene, we provide superior quality in both the materials as per your or your client’s requirements.

1. Kraft paper dunnage bags or dunnage air bags are made of the highest quality, lightweight kraft paper of high tensile strength, come in different strengths and varieties to bear optimum pressure.
2. Polywoven Dunnage bags or dunnage air bags are extremely durable and best for extreme heavy loads. Our superior quality bags have greater elasticity, greater tear strength, and superior moisture resistance, can be used in both dry and wet conditions.

Benefits using Aaron Overseas Dunnage Bags or Dunnage Air Bags

1. Economical : Our Bags provide superior savings when compared to other wood blocking and bracing techniques. Your savings can be easily calculated with the cost of freight damage claims.

2. Speed : Our Bags can be used easily with little physical labor within a few minutes.

3. Reduction or Elimination of Damages : Now you can limit your losses cause of damage while shifting loads during shipments. The bags designed and manufactured with our years of experience for various modes of transport will keep your product tightly intact and in place during transit.

4. Easy Removal at Destination : Removing the bags upon arrival is very easy, your customer can easily work on with our bags and remove them without removing wooden bracing from trailer floors or paper and adhesive from the trailer walls.

Fully Test certified

Germanischer Lloyd certified

Germanischer Lloyd is the world’s leading classification society.It offers certification, inspection, and consulting services



TUV NORD is one of the leading Inspection, Certification and Testing organizations.


The Association of American Railroads Approved


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 90 x 180 cm (900 x 1800 mm)
 90 x 210 cm (900 x2100 mm)

 90 X 120 Cm (900 x 1200 mm)
 90 x 150 cm (900 x 1500 mm)
 90 x180 cm (900 x 1800 mm)
 90 x 210 cm (900 x 2100 mm)


Aaron Overseas is a leading supplier of a wide range of Cargo Securing Products especially suitable for one-way transport requirements by rail, sea container, flat rack or other multimodal cargo movements.
The Company offers customer specific packaging solutions and dedicated service support in diverse sectors that range from metals, automobiles, FMCG, white goods, paper, engineering, building materials, textiles, fiber, engineering and pharmaceuticals.

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